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Make up to $515 per customer by joining the free WebGrid Affiliate Program.

70% commission per customer

Make up to


per customer you refer

  •  You’ll get 70% of customer's monthly WebGrid bills three first months, including transaction fees.
  •  Your affiliate dashboard lets you see exactly how much money you’re making, and more.
  •  You are paid once every month in us dollars with PayPal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (you!) drives traffic to a merchant's web site (us!) in exchange for referral commissions.

2. How does it work?

When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to WebGrid and completes a purchase, you get a commission on every item they buy!

3. Who can participate?

Anyone can be an affiliate. Monetize your blog by adding WebGrid banners or affiliate links to your posts. Use any online marketing medium you can to refer customers: email, media buys, PPC, contextual, Facebook or Twitter. There are no limits!

4. Does it cost anything to participate?

No! As long as you are an active affiliate, all you need to do is keep linking and collect your commissions.

5. How are sales tracked from my site?

Once your application is accepted, you will be given a unique affiliate ID as well as custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic coming from your site is properly tracked. We maintain a 30-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 30 days.

6. How much will I earn? How and when do I get paid?

All new affiliates 70% earn commissions, with a cookie length of 30 days. WebGrid pays affiliates monthly by PayPal and when the commission balance is $100 or more.

7. Where should I place affiliate links on my blog or website?

You should place your affiliate links where they’re easy for your visitors to find — your website’s home page, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. By placing the links on easily accessed locations, visitors will be more likely to click on your links and make a purchase.

8. Where can I find branding/banners resources?

We have prepared marketing resources where you let your clients know you’re a WebGrid Partner. WebGrid branding resources

9. Who processes orders and handles customer service for WebGrid products I sell/refer?

We take care of all sales, order processing, and customer service issues for customers you refer to our site. All you need to do is place links on your site - we do all the rest.

10. If an order is refunded, does an affiliate keep the commission?

If an order is cancelled, refunded or subject to a chargeback then no commission will be paid. The customer will be refunded in full and, in such a circumstance, it is not commercially feasible for any commission to be charged. If an affiliate has already received the commission and a transaction is subsequently reversed, the commission payment will need to be repaid or deducted from future payments.

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