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Online store

Sell anything online with a powerful ecommerce system that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store.

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Point of sale

Sell in your store through anytime device that have an internet connection.

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Send invoices and estimates, get paid online and manage multiple teams and businesses, all from within a single account.

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Newsletter & Marketing

Attract visitors, increase sales, and improve customer retention. WebGrid newsletter and notifications services help drive traffic, manage your SEO, sell on new channels, and promote your products.

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Task manager

Task manager is the best way to keep track of everything right from simple tasks to complex projects - all in one place.

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CMS & Image galleries

CMS is as easy as writing a document. You will love the intuitive interface as well as features, such as workflow or multilingual support.

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Web based payroll software which can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the authorized users only.

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Cashier Balancing

Balance and track cash register transactions on daily basis, get advanced reporting and send settlements on e-mail to accounting.

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Manage your customers and integrate communication with in-system e-mailing, upload documents, messaging and scheduling for individual customers.

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