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Receipt lookups webpage

View and lookup Point of Sale receipts on one web page. The receipt search is location sensitive and the data visible is limited by the location you logged into and may be limited by the date period found in your ranged date picker.
Important features: Location sensitive Messaging Personalize view

Receipt lookup toolbar

Viewing your receipt lookups

WebGrid receipt lookup viewer is a powerful widget which allows you to view and edit data via its table representation and our grid supports infinite scrolling, which enables you to load any number of records into a grid without paging.

This view is location sensitive

This view may be hiding data because you are logged into a location where there are no data available.

This view is date sensitive

This view may be hiding data because you are viewing a date where there are no data available.

Row menu

Click Manage on any row in your view to manage it. Once clicked this menu will be visible.

    About messaging

    Messaging is a core feature at WebGrid and enables you to store messages (with follow up) and/or send messages to selected participations and even broadcast messages to groups.

    Configure your Receipt lookup view

    You can personalize the Receipt lookup views by setting managing your own settings.

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